Markets We Serve

While Negotium accepts accounts from every industry, we specialize in the following:

Negotium serves clients in many states, but specifically targets the Minnesota and North Dakota markets.

Every state has its own parameters and laws dictating the collection of debts from residents within their state. Some states require licensing, bonding, and/or physical offices within their borders. Currently, Negotium is licensed to collect debts in both Minnesota and North Dakota, along with all "open states" which do not require any licensure for debt collection. 

You are welcome to place accounts for any and all states in the United States. If we receive an account in which the consumer resides in a "closed state," we will forward the account to a member of our vast network of agencies to ensure every account is able to be collected. We provide this service free of charge, relieving you of the burden of finding a licensed collection solution!

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  1. Property Management
  2. Medical
  3. Cable Providers
  4. Internet Services
  5. Commercial
  6. Financial Services