Alternative Services

Negotium provides extra services beyond its standard collection process. Can't seem to find a good phone number for that consumer? Not sure if your in-house recovery process is working the way it should? Negotium can help you save on that collection commission by maximizing your revenues before the accounts are sent to collections!

Negotium offers the following services to all of its clients:

  • Skip location - Many accounts go unpaid simply because you can't get in touch with the consumer. Why pay a collection commission if all you need is good contact information? Negotium offers a skip location service at a "per search" fee of $5.00. Negotium will utilize its resources to find the best contact information. If we can't find any new information, you don't pay a dime. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Letter Review - Are you thinking the wording of your letters is harsh enough? Do you think they are maybe too harsh? Let Negotium help you determine the exact wording necessary for each of your letters! For a fee of $20.00 per letter, Negotium will review each of your letters and provide suggested changes that will maximize your recovery and save lost profits!

  • Comprehensive Process Audit and Consultation - Do you feel like you aren't recovering your recievables as well as you think you should? Are you sending a high percentage of accounts to collections? Let Negotium help! For a flat fee of $350, Negotium will lend its expertise in auditing your entire process and providing feedback to optimize your in-house recoveries. This can be done in a face-to-face meeting, e-mail, or whatever would be the easiest way for you!